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Agronomo del paesaggio
Socio AIAPP (Ass. Italiana Architettura del Paesaggio)

ELLEBI Studio opened in 1996 founding his first bases on research and development of sport turfs. Afterwards it focuses on green spaces design and realization, but it also focuses on the recreational, active, usable, and even productive aspect. We believe that creativity is not just a tool. The comparison between different themes and the dynamism of the proposed solutions, as well as the preservation and enhancement of micro and macro spaces, give us an overall idea on which you can develop the project. During the phases of design and analysis there is not any abuse between existing elements and those newly introduced but a complete synergy that will characterize the intervention making it exclusive. ELLEBI Studio employs a staff of experienced professionals in the forestry, agricultural, architectural and environmental landscape, and is always looking for new technical solutions; thanks to the introduction of new and exclusive design elements, often conceived and designed by us, any green space can become something more.

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